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Name Moonstone rainbow


I am following my entry into the mineral world of the last article. Here is a brief clarification of the Rainbow Moon Stone and its trade name.
For some reason, this thin stone is commonly referred to as the rainbow moon stone. It doesn’t actually have one. I’ll explain.

C’est de la labradorite blanche à reflet bleutée comme la vraie pierre de lune bleue ( adulaire).
Et même le terme « labradorite blanche » est un nom commercial pour désigné de la peristerite , a variety of albite.
Here in picture what you will find on the market with the name moon stone rainbow and on this shop.

The second picture, it’s The True Blue Moonstone.

Il en existe de couleur pêche, blanche, ou grise comme sur cette photo et/ou les créations de la boutique .

The only way to differentiate it is if the background has a golden orange-ochre coloration or slightly brown with a transparency.

The real one is more opaque and has no successive layer or cloud as we can see on the 1st picture and on the youtube video.

Find more technical and mineralogical explanations on this page Facebook.
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