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My life as a creative entrepreneur

entrepreneuse créative

Today, I want to tell you how my life is goingcreative entrepreneur. Not to justify myself but just to share a part of my life with you.

Being creative is not easy, let me explain: For example, as soon as an idea arises, no matter when or where I am, I have to be able to concretize it with a drawing (scribbled) or to put it in a "sentence" to find it later.

In fact, it's not all about "just" creating collections. That would be far too easy.

I will try to explain you what my job is. Because yes, we really work and not only in one trade. We are more on the multi-task.

The life of an entrepreneur consists of the following:

  • Company manager
  • Creator
  • Photographer
  • Graphic designer
  • Community Mannager
  • Saleswoman
  • Préparatrice de commande
  • After sales service

And I must forget some.

Company manager creative entrepreneur

Here is a non-exhaustive list of what a company should do:

  • Anticipate offers and opportunities.
  • Make action plans over several months.
  • Establish marketing strategies.
  • React professionally to sensitive situations.
  • Passer du temps à trouver des fournisseurs, à comparer les prix.
  • Find partnerships to promote the creations (in my case).
  • Find trade shows, festivals.
  • And finally to do our administration and accounting, however small it may be.

In addition, I have to write the articles of my creations, the articles for the blog, to make the on-line publishing of the products and to make the referencing of this site.

L’entrepreneuse créative

I design my collections in relation to a theme, a need that each of us has. Everything is focused on the problems you encounter in your daily life through the intention I give to natural stones.

The shape, the patterns of the minerals also give me a vision of how and by what color of wire they want to be set.

As you can see, it is a whole process that allows me to create my jewelry.

entrepreneuse créative


To make good photos to present you my jewels is not easy especially in autodidact. Finding the right angle, having the right material, the importance of light, the placement of objects is learned every day. Trying again and again, then comes the retouching and uploading, but that was before.

From now on, I use a professional - Hopes and dreams - to take the pictures of my creations. You can follow him on his page facebbok and/or find him on his web site.

Graphic designer

It is the fact of conceiving all the visuals that it is for the promos to put on the social networks and/or on the site by respecting the color code of my creative company.

Except for some photos that I take from a free database for commercial application. Finally, I use a graphic designer Sève de com’ for some visual like my logo or my business cards.

Community Mannager

This concerns my presence on social networks. Prepare my publications on facebbok for example, according to a defined calendar. Then share them in various groups where we meet. Make posts or put photos on the page google bunissess.


It's about being comfortable in front of you at shows, festivals and talking about our common passion for minerals. This is something you learn as you go along.

The order picker and the after sales service

Once your orders are placed, I prepare it in its tissue paper and pouch.

Order stamps on the post office website when it works.

Otherwise, I go to the office in my village when it is open. The small inconveniences of this type are part of the game but you get used to them over time.

Don't forget to reply to emails, whether for information or otherwise.

And then the joy you give me when I receive a little note from you to tell me that you are delighted with your treasures, it is priceless.

Conclusion on life of creative entrepreneur

You will understand that I don't have a typical day. In fact, we'll say that I use 2 to 3 jobs at the same time, depending on what I have to do in addition to my personal life.

In my creative job, I spend 20% of my time on the purely creative side and 80% on everything else.

But I assure you that the 20% is great. Being able to do a job that you love is pure happiness. So yes, I take pleasure in what I do and I assume it.

Thank you for reading and for being by my side.

Audrey, your creator of unique handmade jewelry made of natural stones with litho-therapeutic properties.

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Interview with a stylist/model maker – Andaliakä

Interview d'une styliste/ modéliste - Andaliaka

Today I welcome a collaborator with whom I worked. She asked me earlier this year to form a partnership.

I named the stylist/ modeller Andaliakä. I said yes because I was immediately attracted to his world.

Voici quelques photos de notre collaboration. Elle porte un collier plastron agate du Botswana.

Retrouvez cette naturel stone dans la catégorie rolled stone.

To go further and discover his work, here is an interview in the form of a questionnaire.

Interview with a stylist/model maker – Andaliakä

1°) Tell us about yourself (course etc)?

Hello, my name is Lucie, I am 26 y.o., and I have a Brevet d'technicien des Métiers de la Mode since 2014. Since then, I have done many training and jobs, until the day I made the decision to launch my professional project: Create my brand and market my high-end creations.
Adepte du Cosplay et de la fantasy, j’ai toujours été bercé dans le monde du Role Play, cependant, je n’étais pas satisfaite de reproduire un personnage.

C’est après une discussion avec ma mère, pendant une fête médiévale à laquelle nous allions tous les ans, que j’ai décidé de créer mon propre personnage et ses propres tenues, les faire vivre à travers des histoires imaginaires et la photographie.

2°) What is your character?

My character is called Andaliakä, light elf with half-long ears, abandoned at his birth and without any memory of his childhood, she spends part of her life in a world of pestiferous, then, one day, her life bascula: New Kingdom, new habits, new customs and manners, it will have to follow a long training to become the potential heiress of a royal family.

3°) How long have you been doing this?

For 4 years or 2016, I am actively working on the creation of this character and his world, but especially the creations that accompany him. Historical research, costume history, fantasy literature and filmography are sources of inspiration that never leave me.

4°) What do each of your creations symbolize (the values you want to pass on)?

I think that my creations symbolize: authenticity, creativity, French craftsmanship, dream and infinite imagination!

5°) What are your short, medium and long-term plans?

I have several projects mainly long term, including starting video projects explaining different points about my character, my world, but also from a creative point of view (for my company).
Photo project with various themes during the year.
J’ai toujours mon projet défilé pour l’année 2021 avec une team Elfe de choc !

Et évidemment développer mes créations et compétences, montrer mon univers aux autres par les salons, conventions etc.

Voici d’autres photos de notre collaboration.

A big thank you to her for having responded to my invitation for this interview. Find this stylist/ modeller on her page Andaliakä the moon deer

A bientôt pour d’autre aspect de la vie d’atelier de Au fil de mineraux.

Audrey, your creator of unique handmade jewelry made of natural stones with litho-therapeutic properties.

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Interview with an Author Fantasy – Niniel

Interview d'une Auteure Fantasy

Today I would like to tell you about a collaborator I have worked with in recent months.

We met at the turn of a post about a medieval/fantasy band on Facebook. It is Nìniel Astraëa D'Afariel.

I offered her my jewels for photo shoots with her character from her novel ( The Tears of the Elves) which she plays in celtic/medieval/fantasy festivals.

She said yes to me right away. So we follow these few clichés where the development of the jewel is very well done.

To go further and discover her work as an author, here is an interview that I proposed to her.

I will give her the speech:

Interview with an Author Fantasy – Niniel

1°) Tell us about yourself (course etc)?

I am a young woman of twenty-four years, nurse in daily life. I have always, and ever since I can remember, been passionate about the fantastic, and more precisely about the medieval fantastic. Whether it’s through books, movies, drawings, I’ve always liked it. Very quickly, as a child, I began to imagine my own scenarios, according to my moods. It was around the age of eighteen, while I was in full training at nursing school, that I began to really imagine a story defined more precisely. I then experimented with the universe of historical re-enactment and evocation, before engaging more assiduously in pure fantasy. It is in this context that the world of Afariel was born.

2°) What is your character?

My character is actually the hero of the story I’m writing. This is a young Elf, who will have to face many trials one more difficult than the other in order to save her people and find her place in the world.

3°) How long have you been doing this?

I’ve lived in Fantasy since childhood, and I’ve been writing for about ten years. At first, I wrote texts to complement the fantastic photo sessions during which I posed as a model.

4°) What do each of your creations symbolize (the values you want to pass on)?

To answer this question, I would like to draw inspiration from a famous quote from Tolkien: «A single dream is more powerful than a thousand realities». This is what I wish to convey: the power of dreams, and their importance. I wish that no dream could ever be denied. I would also like to convey values such as empathy, and understanding of others. I would very much like the people who read my story to be able to find such pillars as friendship, self-respect, courage, will, love…

5°) What are your short, medium and long-term plans?

In the short term, I would very much like to be published. I have already sent my «tapuscrit» to a publishing house, and I am waiting for an answer. In the medium term, I would say that since I am starting a new personal life, I would like to take advantage of this turning point to focus my artistic activities on my writing. And in the long term, I would like to complete the epic of the Tears of the Elves, and why not, start a new one!

Thank you to Niniel for answering this interview. Find here on her facebook page where she shows us in photos the different aspects of her character.

As for me, I’ll see you soon for another discovery.

Audrey, your creator of unique handmade jewelry made of natural stones with litho-therapeutic properties.