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Fight inflammation

Combattre l'inflammation

What is inflammation?

C’est l’ensemble de phénomènes de défense de l’organisme contre une agression tel que traumatisme, infection, etc.).

This results in the manifestation of various signs such as pain, heat, redness, etc.).

Fight inflammation ?

I don’t think we can really fight it. It’s by identifying why our body reacts in this way. Then to understand it. To find the causes of a psychological evil being. So our body warns us what it feels and pushes us to act.

Then implement actions such as drug treatments if necessary.

To have an other healthy living may also reduce inflammation.

There are also “soft” methods with homeopathy.

And The litotherapy ?

The meditation with some natural stones and wearing it on oneself can be a good complement. Here is a list of what I propose in the anti-inflammation collection:

– The blue chalcedony will act on the throat chakra for throat affections, vocal cords and thyroid.

– The rhodonite  decreases joint inflammation and strengthens the immune system.

– The malachite is the stone par excellence against inflammation thanks to its high copper content.

– Theapatite, it will allow you to relieve joint pain.

– Theastrophilite, wear permanently as a pendant, it will act against chronic fatigue.

– Finally the fluorite reduces the symptoms of arthritis and rheumatism.

Conclusion of Fight inflammation

With this list of natural products and meditation via natural stones, inflammation will be less. You will then regain a feeling of well-being throughout your body.

  • Lavander
  • Gaulthérie.
  • Basilic.
  • White willow.
  • Cassis.
  • Scots pine
  • Chamomile.
  • Sage.

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