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Management of Fear

gestion de la peur

What is fear management?

The fear is one of the most important emotions. Fear is felt when we are faced with a danger or imminent threat.

It results in various reactions depending on the individual such as sweats, tremors of the limbs or body, anxiety attacks, prostration in a corner like a frightened animal and many others. It appeals to our primary instinct.

What is it for?

It shows us a possible near future if we don’t react in the present.

The universe sends us a sign that it’s the right time to start a new life, for example, starting a business or a new professional project.

It is used to take action, to surpass ourselves, to get out of our comfort zone..

Understanding and overcoming fear

Understanding fear is a process ofintrospection which will update one or more chains of cause and effect. Seeing that the effects reinforce the causes and vice versa, fear will gradually disappear.

C’est comme si vous étiez en voiture. Au début, vous êtes sur le siège arrière et la peur est au volant ( c’est elle qui décide de la route). A force de comprendre les peurs, vous vous déplacerez sur le siège passager puis progressivement, vous reprendrez le contrôle de votre vie. Ainsi la peur se retrouvera derrière vous et votre intuition et votre petite voie intérieure seront sur le siège passager qui vous seront de bon conseil pour prendre la bonne la direction.

Mélanie des Pies bavardes

Once this emotion is assimilated, the following qualities can be developed:

  • Prudence
  • Anticipation and Foresight
  • L’attention et la vérification

A coaching in personal development. can help set up behaviors to improve your self-confidence and therefore decide what actions you want to take.

Gestion de la peur

Lithotherapy and fear management

In addition to coaching, you can accompany her with meditations with some natural stones like the one I’m offering you. By wearing them throughout the day and weeks, some fears may come off or at least a calming will be felt.

– the Rose quartz est une pierre naturelle apaisante, douce. Cette pierre naturelle vous permettra de faire redescendre l’émotion forte qu’est la peur.

– The celest eye obsidian is protective in nature against harmful influences. It helps to calm fears.

– TheTiger eye is a protective stone against negative energies. It will allow you to chase away all the bad waves, fears from others.

– The Azurite will help you free yourself from negative feelings such as anxiety, stress or phobic fears.

– The amazonite helps to overcome fear, fears and all negative emotions.

– The septaria to let go the moment fear passes through you without disturbing you.

Conclusion on managing fear

Fear shows us the way to go. Once we have understood that it is an engine for action, nothing can stop us/you.

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