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le concentration

What is concentration?

It is the ability to mobilize one’s mental and physical faculties on a specific action. To go further here is what says wikipédia.

The difference between attention and concentration

Attention opens our minds to reality. It is receiving all the information.

Concentration is a deep state of mind where external events have no place.

Pourtant les 2 sont indissociables car la concentration donne de la stabilité à l’Attention.

Indeed, certain external or internal circumstances or emotions can distract us. Therefore, a help such as the energies via the natural stones is welcome.

The litotherapy

Here the list of fines stones que j’ai sélectionné pour développer votre concentration:

– TheAzurite will help you to eliminate blockages. This will allow the understanding of your life line in the intuitive and cognitive sense.

– The Pyrite will stimulate the flow of ideas. It will develop in you the ability to carry out several actions together without being dispersed.

– the Fluorite will bring you self-determination and improve your learning. This natural stone will also promote your spiritual perception and intuition.

– The Sodalite  promote the realization of ideas. This natural stone will also help you find a certain logic and order.

– L’ hématite est une excellente pierre d’ancrage. De ce fait, la concentration sera de meilleure qualité.

– The Turquoise vous offrira une protection contre les polluants environnementaux. Une rolled stone placed on the Chakra of the third eye will increase your intuition and concentration, and it will also allow for deeper meditation.

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