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la depression

What is depression?

The depression is a psychosomatic illness that can affect everyone. It is characterized by a set of factors. A great sadness, morbid thoughts and the feeling of having no value as an individual.

Figure her out

Certain phases of daily life, such as stress, fatigue at work, anxiety, loss of a loved one, or even disappointment in love, can have devastating consequences on a person. All these cumulative factors bring extreme distress to an emotionally vulnerable person. To avoid falling into this health condition, depression should be treated at the first signs.

And how do you get rid of it ?

Getting rid of it is a big word. I would simply say that we have to be aware of the emotions that come our way. Take a moment in our tumultuous life and accept that they pass through us, try to understand it. For this, there are several alternative methods, or therapies before switching to drug treatment.

The Gentle Methods

La dépression

The following is a non-exhaustive list of alternative methods:

Essential oils such as:

  • Marjoram with shells
  • Lemon verbena
  • and Lemon Essential Oil

Alternatives therapies via this web site


and Lithotherapy

C’est les soins par les natural stones qui nous intéresse aujourd’hui grâce aux énergies qu’elles dégagent en vibrant à différentes ondes. Cela permettra de rentrer en résonance avec nos propres vibrations afin d’apaiser, de nous réconforter ou nous dynamiser.

Voici les pierres que je propose tout au long de ce mois dans la collection Depression Management Collection which act primarily on the heart chakra:

The Rhodocrosite that acts smoothly. It will be useful in stress situations, especially in the relational field for its soothing effects.

The Chrysoprase which will allow you to be reborn by learning from your past failures or mistakes.

The rose quartz which also acts gently on the emotional side. It will allow you to find in you this feeling of love that you have lost.

The Turquoise ( véritable) qui va réguler vos émotions. En effet c’est une pierre d’équilibre « entre ciel et terre » relié donc à la nature. Par sa qualité d’absorption, elle assimile l’énergie polluante de la maladie et donne son énergie.

theEudyalite is ideal to make turns, new beginnings because it helps to overcome bereavement, suffering and guilt.

And finally, the Sunstone ( real ) promotes a more positive attitude towards life, gives us the joy of living.

Conclusion on depression management

Avec l’ensemble de ces méthodes, il est possible de s’en sortir. Alors oui ça ne sera pas facile tout les jours. Cela se traduira par une amélioration au fil des mois pour se reconstruire, car on ne guérit pas de la Dépression de suite. Cela prends du temps pour que notre énergie revienne tout doucement à la normale.

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