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The vitality

la vitalité

What is vitality?

C’est la qualité d’un organisme qui manifeste une grande énergie. Cette force vitale ou dynamisme est nécessaire à notre corps pour qu’il fonctionne correctement.

What is it for?

We have a reserve of energy from birth. In the word vitality, there is the term LIFE. This means that our well-being is based on four main pillars:

  • Food – eating with healthy food
  • Movement – Moving, Playing Sports.
  • Lifestyle – Manage active phases and rest times.
  • Sleep – To have a restful sleep according to our metabolism.

Vitality can be weakened by a number of factors such as eating too rich, not doing enough sports, being too stressed and not getting enough sleep.

How can it be preserved?

First, to settle down and look at our life as a whole. Then analyze it and understand what is happening to see what could be changed and/or improved.

Ensuite, amener petit à petit un rééquilibrage par une meilleure other healthy living globale. Pour ce faire, une aide naturelle comme la lithotherapy peut vous aider à y parvenir.

Care by the minerals

Indeed, minerals will help you throughout your life. Here is a list of natural stones that I propose in the collection vitality:

– TheHematite will help you fight bulimia, smoking and any form of excess. It helps the kidneys purify the blood, and regenerates the tissues.

– the Red Jasper renforcera votre force vitale et  favorise la circulation du sang.

– The Pyrite vous redonnera force lors de grosses fatigues grâce à sa contenance en fer.

– TheOeil de fer augmente force, audace et énergie tout comme la pyrite. Idéale pour les personnes fatiguées. Cette pierre naturelle régule le rythme cardiaque et convient aux sportifs.

– Theamazonite Amazonite is a natural stone that will soothe and reduce emotional irritations. It will harmonize your lifestyle.

– Et la Cornaline will energize your body and regulate your blood flow.

Conclusion on vitality

En ayant recours au minéraux dans la meditation ou en portant tout les jours des pierres naturelles, cela va régénérer petit à petit votre force vitale.

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