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What is the Anchor?


It is the ability to be anchored in reality. To face what is happening to us. It is also to see ourselves as we are.

Make sure our minds are in the moment. Be anchored, it’s also connecting with nature.

How do we get there?

Of course, it’s not easy for most of us. There are different ways to do that.

  • Sports activities: walking, running, physical exercises
  • Friendship, laughter, smile
  • Artistic activities such as music, dance, yoga, painting
  • All relaxing and wellness activities, massage, etc…
  • And all outdoor activities like a walk in the forest, at the sea, in the countryside, gardening.
  • Parler aux arbres, les écouter les sentir ou les embrasser via la Syvothérapie

Indeed, anchoring makes it possible to use the energy of the earth that is attached to the Root chakra to rejuvenate us.


Lithotherapy and the anchor

This is why, with the help of minerals,in meditation or by carrying them on yourself, you can be serene and regain confidence in yourself.

Here is the list of natural stones that I propose in the collection Anchorage:

Moss agate is ideal for reconnecting with the land. This natural stone promotes understanding and links with nature. It would harmonize yin and yang.

– Le Bois d’arachide fossilisé favorise l’ancrage, la patience et la persévérance. Cette pierre naturelle permettra à votre corps et votre esprit de lâcher prise sur les événements et de garder les pieds sur terre.

– Le smoked quartz permet  d’ancrer votre esprit dans la réalité. Elle agit également pour favoriser  la lucidité.

– Black tourmaline. Besides its energy protection, this natural stone is excellent for anchoring during meditation session. Worn during the day, it will allow you to remain anchored in reality.

aragonite quand à elle, purifie et équilibre les énergies. C’est aussi une pierre d’ancrage qui permet d’être calme et être en paix avec nous même.

– Et La bronzite qui va vous aider à retrouvez la paix intérieure et d’avoir une meilleure relation avec les autres.

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