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The 3rd Eye Chakra

le chakra du 3eme oeil

This article is dedicated to the 3rd eye chakra corresponding to the 6th energy center according to traditional Indian medicine.

This chakra means I see = AJNA in Sanskrit

His key words are: Self-realization, Lucidity, creativity, perception, insight and imagination.

Associated color: dark blue

This Frontal chakra allows to see, to feel beyond things. It is the seat of intuition, the small voice that allows us to feel or make decisions for our own good. This is the chakra of the clairvoyants.

Element: No element

Astrological sign: Cancer

Location: At forehead level, between the 2 eyes

Lithotherapy and the chakra du 3eme oeil

In Lithothérapie,, to improve our intuition and insight, dark blue minerals are used during meditation. During the day, wearing jewellery for concentration can be useful.

Here is the complete list of dark blue natural stones I propose: amethyst, lapis lazuli, hawkeye. Celestial eye obsidian, azurite and sodalite

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