Retro Chrysocolla Pendant



Retro Chrysocolla Pendant – Harmony at the Neck!

In Lithotherapy, the Chrysocolle est une pierre d’harmonisation, intérieure ou extérieure. Cette naturel stone est utile pour la femme favorisant l’équilibre hormonal, les cycles menstruels, la grossesse et l’accouchement, la ménopause…

It is also useful to all to ease tensions.

On the plexus solar chakra, Chrysocolle removes negative emotions and reverses destructive programming.
To the heart chakra, it treats grief and intensifies the ability to love.
On that of the throat, it improves communication.
And on the the third eye, it opens the psychic vision.
The Chrysocolla is particularly adapted to the signs of the zodiac of Sagittarius and Taurus.

Attention , lithotherapy should not replace your medical treatment. This remains a natural supplement. Consult your doctor in case of medical problems. He alone is empowered to make a diagnosis and to establish a prescription.

The manufacturing technique is a wire wrapping.

It has been used for centuries for knitting by the Viking people.

This technique consists of woven, braided precious or not metallic wires (copper, silver) of different diameters.

The jewel thus formed will be original and unique.

I am a Retro Chrysocolla Pendant. Entremêlement de fil de cuivre bronze comme les lianes et fines branches qui courent le long des arbres centenaires. Ce tissage artisanal sur mon cabochon de pierre fine en forme de goutte sera parfait sur une tenue vintage. 226/800. Interweaving of bronze copper wire such as lianas and fine branches that run along century-old trees. This handcrafted weaving on my fine stone cabochon in the shape of a drop will be perfect on a vintage outfit.

My total size is: 4.2 x 2 cm

My composition:

– Chrysocolla

- Colored antique brass copper wire

All my creations are lead-free and nickel-free.

I would be delivered with a descriptive sheet of my natural stone et une chaîne en bronze 3 x 2 mm de 50 cm.

I’d be wrapped in beige tissue paper in a brown jute purse in bubble wrap.

Processing time: 1 business day


Advice and maintenance:

-Avoid subjecting your jewellery to perfumes, oils, etc. 
-Avoid wearing them during a sports activity and to sleep. 
- Remove your jewellery before contact with water
- For chains: To make them shine, clean them with toothpaste
To follow me, go to my page facebbok

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