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End the Nightmare Collection

le cauchemar

What is the nightmare?

Based on wikipédia, c’est un rêve causant une forte negative emotion, such as fear, or sadness. This can involve situations of danger, psychological or physical ill-being, terror.

For days, for weeks, you have been waking up in a state of panic. The feeling of having actually experienced an uncomfortable scene during your sleep. Maybe this is related to recent events, to the too strong emotions you’ve had lately?

Figure him out

During the paradoxical sleep, we dream. It allows our subconscious to wake up and we will say to "Ranger" all the information we receive every day.

To do this, dreams and nightmares are there to achieve it.

Simply, your ego shows you what could happen, it warns you of a danger for example. It’s a call to action, once your consciousness is awakened.

In order to better prepare and make nightmares more liveable, some natural stones can help you.

The litotherapy

The energies coming from the natural stones go into resonance with our own vibratory rate during sleep. But one can start to relax before falling asleep and wear natural stone jewelry during the day.

Here is a list of what I propose to you in the collection management of nightmares:

– The chalcedony, which is part of the quartz will act smoothly on the fluidity of expression, whether oral or bodily during the day.

– the rose quartz, will gently act on the heart chakra for emotions such as tenderness, self-love, and others and will soothe you.

– the rutiled quartz will help you to develop your will and strengthen your inner strength.

Amethyste , she, will calm your mind so that dreams too strong in emotion are sweeter.

– the lapis lazuli when to it, will be useful for communicating with the afterlife. It will help your Soul to calm down.

L‘angélite, de la même façon que la Calcédoine, cette pierre naturelle agira sur la communication. Aussi, elle va permettre une connexion avec votre ange gardien de plusieurs manières comme des visions via les rêves .

Conclusion on the nightmare

During the day, wearing these fine stones will allow you over time to mitigate, to weaken the too full of emotion during dreams.

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