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The crown chakra

Le chakra couronne

This article is dedicated to the crown chakra corresponding to the 7th energy center according to traditional Indian medicine. Is also called the coronal chakra..

This chakra means I known = SAHASRARA in Sanskrit

His key words are: omniscience, omnipresence, connection

Associated colors: purple and white

This chakra refers to wisdom, self-knowledge, soul consciousness, the spiritual connection. Sahasrara opens your mind to connect with the universe and to find absolute peace.

Element: the light

Astrological sign: The lion

Location: on top of head open up.

Lithotherapy and the chakra couronne

In Lithothérapie,, to improve our connection to the big picture, certain minerals, white or transparent are used during meditation. Wearing jewellery with fine stones during the day can help to better feel the beings, the nature and to better apprehend certain situation with a new eye.

The following is a non-exhaustive list of natural stones white or transparent that I propose: violet fluorite, charoite, amethyst, true moonstone.

Others fines stones can improve our spiritual openness, like rock crystal or celestial eye obsidian.

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